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  • How can I get help with my assignments?

    Rewards, in the form of marks, are given to me when I submit a finely researched assignment on time. Unfortunately, the boat never sails so smoothly and due to some unavoidable conditions whenever I am unable to get help with my assignments and can’t submit it before the deadline then late submission penalties are being charge on a per day basis. Can you imagine, getting your marks deducted everyday just because you couldn’t appear with your homework nicely done right on time?


    Well, the sad story might be similar for most of the students who have multiple things to do and can’t find enough time to stuff the papers with 2000 words in an hour. According to a research, two hours’ of homework in a night leads to better results. Fine, there is no harm in giving two hours of our day to homework, but, what will be the case when you have 5 or more assignments due in a week. You opt for the unethical approaches and take online assignment help by copying your work from Wikipedia. Copied work would result in great penalties, I am aware of that, but what to do when I have so much unfinished work and have literally no one to help with my assignments?


    In such cases only two important things turn out to be the best help with my assignments.


    Firstly, classroom motivation and secondly, create your personalized reward system. This post will help you out to be in the right state of mind and the smartest method to create a reward system would be the best online assignment help for sure.

    How to find the motivation?

    Assignments, essays, reports and what not! The hassle can nearly kill anyone. But, your tutors believe that hassle is worthy for your success. The validity of assignments is questioned by both students and their parents. That doesn’t mean my parents expect me to skip the homework. I opened up with my parents to let them know how much trouble I am getting to complete my assignments. Me with my parents being on the same boat, help me to create a better learning environment at home.


    Apart from that, talking your heart out to a teacher who has a greater influence on student learning and achievement would do the trick. I know a tutor, who greatly impacted my point of view towards homework. He shared some useful tricks to sharpen my memory; his guidance helped me to improve my research skills which are by far the most important help with my assignments. He also shared some useful online resources from where I can get key concepts for my academic work. So go find out the ‘agony aunt’ or a dear teacher in your school or college and get set to write whole heartedly this time.


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    How I created a reward system?

    Forget about the sticky notes, we are talking about real rewards. Setting up a reward system actually works for boring homework. Trust me; it is the best online assignment help that I can give to my readers. Create a chart of your favorite things tagged as rewards, then set reward points or penalties. You have to be realistic while setting it up but once you are done with it, you can easily sail the dreadful boat of homework. For example, I credit myself with 10 rewards points of finishing of every 500 words or one hour of my homework. The chart I created shows some of my favorite things to do, like more time on Netflix, video games or tickets to my favorite concert.


    In the beginning, you won’t be able to make it to the end, but don’t worry, at the times of crisis the motivational talk with your friends, family or favorite teacher would come to rescue.